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Customer Testimonials

    I just received my Bobbleheads. You all did an amazing job! I can't wait to give them to my bosses at Christmas! Thank you!

    By Deena Schaffer, from Canada

    Awesome process, customer service and the bobbleheads was amazing.

    By Caspar de Wijkerslooth, from United States

    We ordered these for our Bosses as a gift. The entire process from beginning to end was a delight! My emails were answered promptly and my requests to make a few changes were addressed without question. When I received my bobbleheads, they are better than expected and the quality was outstanding. They were worth every penny!!! I will definitely recommend these my friends and family

    By Chuck Kimball, from United States

    My order came in looking very similar to the pictures I provided. I was consulted every step of the way.It will be a special gift for my son.

    By Jessica Philpot, from Canada

    HIGHLY recommend. Absolutely professional and accommodating! Figurine is sooo true to life- just loved it. Was very responsive to my requests and quick to fix and resend draft depictions. Will use again.

    By Gail Pape, from Canada

    I received my bobblehead today via DHL and was amazed at the likeness. I would recommend your service to any of my colleagues/family

    By Doris Lipscombe, from Canada

    I ordered 2 bobble heads this year after ordering 2 last year. I am waiting for 2 others. They are incredibly good and worth the price over some other companies that do this for less. The one I received this year is so good, it's spooky. The customer service and replies with questions and comments is fantastic

    By Derek Sumner, from United States

    Quick and easy,so far good I had questions and they were answered quickly.

    By Nicole Zucconi, from United States

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